That Guy: Who Befriends Your Girl

Everyone likes a girl that can hang with the guys without actually BEING one of the guys. And when our friends like our significant other it makes going out in groups of guys and girls (no matter how bitchy her friends are) much easier if everyone is looking to have a good night. But when one (or more) of your friends take it upon themselves to work a little too hard for the friendship of your female counterpart, it’s just not cool.

This guy thinks it’s okay to call her and text probably with more regularity than you do. Not because you don’t want to, but because once you’re beyond that “honeymoon stage” it really gets excessive for anyone to keep up with. It’s one thing to be nice and have similar interests. It’s another thing to usurp your good friend by siding with the girl because you know too much from either side.

Because everyone knows that guy. That guy thinks that he’s doing things in her best interests (or both of you) and he tells her shit he would never tell his own girlfriend (though he likely is single, very single). And so you get in hot water for having a friend with a big mouth. For all the times that there is a need for a bro code, this is certainly one of them.

I’ve had best friends that I’ve set up with other best friends and it’s worked out really well. But the second it doesn’t work out well you either stick up for the one you’ve known the longest or you stick for neither and step the fuck out of the way. Too many bros get caught up in so-called “moral dilemmas” because they think it’s even sort of their business. No sir. If you want female friends then find some on your own. Some dudes stay clingy.

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