Ever the Opportunist

Some chick named Diana Hussein out of Dearborn, Michigan decided to use her Twitter handle for good. For whatever reason, Hussein had the handle @DietDrPepper (because that describes her and stuff) and wanted to make a different in nearby Flint, Michigan. Apparently the woman was thinking of a phrase or otherwise for a Twitter handle and had a soda on her desk.

I’m all for helping out a desperate cause, especially one that’s been ignored by most of the country like this. But this chick missed out on an opportunity for free shit/free money for doing absolutely nothing. It’s like when Taco, of The League, had DallasCowboys.com and sold the name to the Jerry Jones (which was ridiculous and not realistic at all). But I’d take that million dollars and then publicly shame the company for not offering to give money/water to help out the town, too.

People and their good deeds; wish there was more people out there like that. But this really does get me thinking, what are some really popular, newer brands out there that are dumb enough to not have a specific social media presence for certain items? I think it’s about time I go to the drawing board and make some cash money (think of Wilmer Valderrama on Yo Momma or whatever it was called).

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