Who You Know

Even at a time where graduate degrees might not even equate to legitimate jobs, there’s one fail-safe way to get ahead no matter who you are or where you went to school. It’s not what you know but who you know. Granted, if you know people importance it doesn’t help if they don’t have contacts in your desired field of interest.

Still, it pays more to have a used car salesman’s mentality than that of the school teacher. Not that teaching and nursing jobs (among others) aren’t in high demand, but you gotta be a certain type of dick to get by these days. Wanting something doesn’t mean you will get it. You have to work, work, work, work, work more than Rihanna has and/or ever will in her life.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice to make ends meet and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So when you go to people for help and understanding, you don’t expect to be given the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) shaft. As the market comes back and people are still unfriendly during interviews the real jerks will be unearthed.

What I can’t wrap my head around is the multitude of people that find a reason to post job opportunities on social media only to rescind them. Perhaps they do this to gauge interest in listings or maybe they just do it because they can. Regardless, Facebook chat/Twitter/etc will remember those of you who suck at life. Karma may not be a real thing, but you will get yours.

(Sidenote: this point of view may or may not be compiled from a composite of the writer’s experiences rather than anything in particular or recent.)

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