19 Movies that Deserve a Sequel

So many movies have come out in recent memory as late sequels or prequels or even first edition movies that were long-awaited. Not long ago we took a look at some movies that just sucked a little too much and never should have had a sequel. And now we take a look at the movies of cult status and beyond that very much so deserve a second movie.

Office Space. Does it ever old? Can you not just put your feet up on Saturday afternoon and laugh your ass off? Bill Lumberg is the asshole that everyone has to deal with. And there’s at least one of every other character in that movie. It’s not like there’s not plenty of things left to blow up.

Rebel Without a Cause. Had James Dean not died there really wouldn’t have been a reason not to do this movie. Dude showed that even tough guys have a heart and that being a bad ass starts with wearing a leather jacket and gelling the fuck out of your hair.

Wedding Crashers. I feel a particular closeness to this movie based on where it filmed. But anyone that likes funny movies and banging hot chicks can appreciate the rules of life that most dudes tend to live by. Party. On.

Crash. This was Luda’s first real movie (the Fast movies don’t count) and he did a great job. In fact, everyone did awesome. It was a real movie about real shit. And then it went away. There have been similar attempts in film but nothing has really hit home quite like this one.

Napoleon Dynamite. Instead of doing a second movie with Pedro likely would’ve become President of the world, creators decided to go with an animated version of the show. Bad move. Where the hell is Jon Heder now? Hope he’s feeding Tina!

Lost in Translation. All the shit in this one that it makes you put in perspective is pretty startling. Because Bill Murray. But filming in Tokyo has gotta put you in a shitty mood, too. Who doesn’t love a good, dark, emo movie?

Superbad. In a way both Jonah Hill and Michael Cera have been in the sequel to Superbad a million times over. But a second version of this movie would’ve been so many times better than watching those assholes who made Project X try to make a movie.

Beerfest. Who didn’t love this movie? It was funny and it was about beer. Laughing and drinking, those are two of my favorite things to do. And then Willie Nelson left us with a cliffhanger and Weedfest or Potfest never happened.

The Royal Tenenbaums. One of the few movies with several stars that was actually good, The Royal Tenenbaums was the right mix of funny, sad, weird, and relatable. Those track suits just put it over the top.

Dazed and Confused. Basically the movie of stars before they were stars. Can you not pick out someone from your high school that was every one of those characters? Damnit. Matthew McConnaughey was creepy as fuck and girls still think he’s hot.

I Am Legend. This movie was basically 127 Hours with a little more suspense. Perhaps the only reason this movie wasn’t any better was because he was the only person in it. That dog sure had a great stage presence though.

Trainspotting. Somewhere there is a junky living this movie. It should be played in high school everywhere so kids get their shit together in time. Is this true life or what?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High. For all the 80s movies that were actually given sequels, somewhere Fast Times wasn’t so fortunate. How naive the kiddos were back in the day.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower. There’s literally no movie I can think of that defines what kids really go through better than this. The social/emotional ups and down and stupid reasons for why kids are the way the area are exemplified within each character. Where does Charlie go from here?

Little Miss Sunshine. Where there is loss there is hope. It is never more evident than in this indie film where a little girl wants to win a beauty contest and her family travels to support her. Hot girls don’t do beauty contests anymore anyways.

Unbreakable. Way ahead of the superhero curve, Bruce Willis was a pretty believable ass-kicking security guard. He should’ve team with Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) rather than doing like ten more Die Hard movies.

A Clockwork Orange. A socially aware movie way ahead of its time, Clockwork is like the perfect mix of American Psycho and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Elf. Not sure there would be too many more lessons of Christmas that this movie would be able to tell. But Will Ferrell has done more with less. And similar to Robin Williams in Jack, Buddy the elf isn’t going to look any older any time soon.

Forrest Gump. If Tom Hanks were interested in the redux that likely would’ve seen the main character running through pop culture events of the 80s and 90s, it would’ve been gold. Still no one wanted to see Haley Joel Osment looking like this.



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