That Guy: You Walk All Over

He gets abused by the girls and the bros, he gets shit on more than that really kinky girl that tried to put her finger where it didn’t belong, and for some reason he just keeps taking it. Some of you think you’re building him up and others know you are just knocking him down.

One way or another, he will make a decision and live with it until the end of time. But in the moment, you will take everything you can get out of the situation while talking shit in front and behind him. He wants to be a part of the crew and it just ain’t happenin’.

It’s not all on you for making this shit happen. Some of it is because he lets it happen. Repeated mistakes become second nature and being helpful or charitable becomes a reason be taken advantage of. (Side note: girls recognize this shit and befriend him. don’t be a dick).

So what ever really happens to this guy? Maybe you soften your stance on being a d-bag and actually grow the fuck up. Maybe the alpha male of all alpha males takes a stand for the rights of the underlings. Or maybe that guy just finds some real fucking friends.

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