A Blind Eye

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be blind? No one wants to be deaf or blind and I’m not saying it’s a gift by any means, but is it possible that there could be advantages to not being able to see? Think of all the things you could mistakenly grab or run into. Being a pervert could just be a side effect of being blind rather than an actual problem!

The reason I’m asking relates to my dog (as do most of life’s lessons). I’ve been finding large piles of shit littered around Fed Hill in recent weeks (insert comment about slutty girls) and it wasn’t bagged (not that it helps if just sitting there). One of these days I’m going to step in a big heap of crap, literally.

So walking outside one morning I peeked around the corner to see a blind woman letting her dog shit as she promptly walked away. I get it, sometimes you forget bags. But how often are you going to forget bags? Or is it happening on purpose? And yet I can’t do anything because she’s blind. What the fuck? If life, in fact, is just one big dog park and blind people let their dogs shit anywhere they want, isn’t there so much more that they can get away with?

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