No Experience

So I’m all about equality whether it be between races or genders. So when I want to hear about something that both men and women are involved, it’s enlightening to hear the perspective from both sides. But pushing the agenda of political correctness is what makes ESPN so pathetic.

This is totally going to come off sexist, but everyone has an opinion and when I want to hear about Women’s College Basketball and the opinions of said teams then I will listen to women that played college basketball because they are credible. But listening to women who are reporters talking about sports (not former players) it’s difficult to take much from what they have to say.

It would be no different than me parading around on TV talking about sports that I’ve never played and don’t know all the ins and outs about. Sure, I can give my opinion. But I’m not sure I’d pay me for tidbits or help with particular sports that I have no history with. It’s totally a credibility thing.

And if you think this is completely still a gender thing, consider the fact there’s actually such a thing as Mexican NFL TV. I’m too lazy to look up what it’s called. But they have their own analysts and the whole shebang. It’s really a joke. And women reporting about the NFL or NHL or whatever sport isn’t crazy. But as an analysts viewers like to hear about personal experiences and useful gameplay knowledge to understand what is going on. We don’t get that from someone spouting off numbers and using conjectures.

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