Single. Forever.

The Bachelor has had enough seasons to warrant some spinoff outside of The Bachelor Pad that is on some alternative station and completely out of our minds. Instead, the show remains on air and only keeps a particular devoted fan base.

Gone are more interesting shows like The 5th Wheel and Elimidate (among others). Those were way more raunchy and less suggestive. They were basically the Flavor of Love and Rock of Love and I Love New York and all that trash before its time. And yet, those shows eventually made their way off the air as well.

Honestly, if you’re going to keep stupid shows that have no long-term prospectus on the air just so women can hate other women that are mirror images of themselves, then throw us a bone and show us some skin. Shit gets boring real quick. The Bachelor is the dating game’s equivalent to music competition’s The Voice. A bunch of seasons and no success from any of the contestants.

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