Infallible Observations Vol. IV

In another chance to take a look around different world and American news we find ourselves stop at a really dumb, but attention-grabbing, issue with a dating site apparently meant for “whites only”. However, a simple Google search shows us that many such sites are available to blacks. So when is something like this a social right and a racist endeavor? And is it racist merely to have the name of the site

Well, the idea that white people need a place to meet is fucking stupid. Then again, the same goes for black people. It would be one thing if there were no such sites for other ethnicities but this kind of thing is what undermines the real issues with racism and makes it look like some kind of agenda.

New York City is upgrading homeless housing facilities as a result of family violence that tends to occur on the inside. A dude suspected of killing his ex-gf and two baby daughters at a Ramada used as a homeless shelter is on the loose. In other news, some people with jobs that they got with no help can’t even afford the Ramada. Still, that kind of thing shouldn’t happen and NYC needs more security all around.

In Montana a domestic dispute became a fatal car accident. A mid-50s dude around the area of Whitefish (because anyone knows where that is) got into an argument with his wife. When she got in her car to get away he chased and when the two vehicles made contact his rolled over and the guy was thrown from the car. Live to fight another day. Literally.

And because people can’t get any dumber; a woman in Denver stole a cab, but not before telling the driver where she was headed. When the cops came the cab driver told the cops to go the nearest 7-Eleven. The woman left the car on the side of the road and walked to the convenience store instead only to find cops there to arrest her. Smart.

Asheville, North Carolina has a problem with someone giving fake parking tickets that were for $100. Apparently the practice was called “rickrolling” where your smart phone pops up with a Rick Astley video when scanning the ticket. More importantly, how are parking tickets in Asheville only $10? That would save me so much money!

Looking at they actually have a section called “Good News” and it’s all news stories for a year or two ago. How the fuck is that good news? Shit is literally to the point in mainstream media that no news is good news because there’s some asinine assumption that people don’t want to read about happy stuff. In reality, people are more likely to click through on a piece about someone having a terrible day because, like reality TV, people need to know that they aren’t alone. But there’s an obvious need for positive stories more often. Get on it, guys.

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