Realigning Realignment

The Power 5 conferences have screwed college athletics. Moving all parts around so many times has made any continuity within each conference literally impossible. The B1G Ten has 14 teams and the Big 12 has 10 teams. And then Pac-12 actually has 12 teams, but had to change from the Pac-10 for that very reason.

In short, things are really, really messed up and nothing exactly makes sense. There was a point in time a few seasons ago when the AAC and Big East were shuffling around, that Boise State almost joined the Big East for football only (because that wouldn’t make EVERY game impossible for team and fan travel). And there are plenty of teams stretched to their fiscal limits because of the promise of more money in the future.

While it’s given plenty of universities the opportunity to get out of debt, it’s made the special feeling of regional bias nearly irrelevant. And by that, I mean teams don’t play in one pocket of the United States. They play all over the country all the time. And it’s gotten so bad that it’s like this during conference tournaments.

That’s right, March Madness is nearly upon us and the ACC is playing their conference tournament in Washington, D.C. while the B1G Ten is slated to play their conference tournament at Madison Square Garden in 2018. If playing the Verizon Center was tied to Maryland a few years ago a contract that they couldn’t break then I guess that makes sense. But since when was there a team in New York City or state that played in the B1G? Rutgers is about 45 minutes away, but they are terrible and that just means everyone else will have to travel for one team. Doesn’t make sense.

On top of that, the B1G is thinking about having that 2018 tournament at MSG a week earlier than Power 5 conference tournaments. And with that idea in mind, B1G coaches are throwing around the idea of scheduling games against mid-majors to prevent rust. So many needless actions taken when all you gotta do is make sensible choices. Realignment was inevitable, but idiocy is not.

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