Cover Up

As the warm weather moves in you start thinking about messing around with your wardrobe. You break out the sandals and the pastels and you get ready for day drinking on the roof deck or patio at the bar. Spring is a fun time that not only brings fashion crises to the fore front, but also reminds of what revealing things women can come up with to strike our fancy.

Yet, there’s always a line between tasteful and dirty fucking whore status. And while the weather is hitting the 70s in most of the country, that’s not exactly heat wave weather just yet. So let’s take a step back and consider the options. I’d love to say that the less clothes is always the better option. But we are living in a 90210 Beverly Hills episode (the new or old class). There are actually people out there with beer guts and stretch marks that don’t exactly look sexy.

Whether you’re a women or trans-woman, being comfortable in your own skin has its limits. It’s not as though just any dude can roll around with no shirt on or skinny jeans, etc, etc. Eventually it will be warm enough to wear whatever the hell you want (and even then that’s not really true). So just be mindful of what you are subjecting other people to.

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