5 TV Shows That Should’ve Ended Years Ago

For all the new television shows that pop up each season, there’s a few more that have been cancelled. While good shows seem to do more going than coming, there’s a few out there that just haven’t been good for a while.

The Simpsons. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that it’s old school cartoons, the characters never age, or because The Simpsons Movie seemed like the end. But The Simpsons is going strong in season 27 and in a time where there’s literally nothing that real-life shows can’t say or do, it’s tough to keep up. Plus, it’s just not funny anymore.

ccad1d8cec38dc8d4366f58f6e383170New Girl. There’s no one that revered Schmidt more than I. It seemed as though the whimsically adept comedic character was good for at least 5 hilarious lines every episode regardless of what else was happening. And yet as the love stories blossomed the show seemed to have lost its way. Right around the time that Jess and Nick started dating (and the unfunny Coach came back) the show went to hell. Now it’s just dragging along with no end in sight.

0d657dfdbb997011784bbec0fb94d345Grey’s Anatomy. There was a point in time when Grey’s was the best show on TV. Once people were killed off and others were fired, the show went into overdrive with incestuous relationships and off-the-wall/unrealistic story plots. Shonda Rhimes has put together hit drama after hit drama (with Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder), but this show just keeps hanging on by a thread. The cast is unrecognizable and that might not even matter.

0b491fa9fcff54028adb64c3a0192d8cLaw and Order: SVU. Not until this season hasn’t it become abundantly clear that Mariska Hargitay has completely held the franchise hostage and fucked it (while she makes the most money on TV). While the lingo gets cornier and the stories get even more predictable the only thing that keeps anyone sort of interested is the occassional clever quip from Ice-T. But NBC has a lot of shitty shows including The Voice (which is famous for having produced exactly nobody), all those Chicago shows, and anything that involves people failing at being funny (looking at YOU Nick Cannon).

0116bb842f4f7bd662c9b6152a5d1eecTwo Broke Girls. This shit should really be called Two Girls Out of Work. And yet somehow they are still getting paid. These chicks aren’t even nice to look at. What does this show have going for it besides the fact that it’s being compared to SupergirlCriminal Minds, and Blue Bloods. CBS would think it’s a good idea to let Jennifer Lopez star in some cracker jack cop drama. Terrible.

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