You Are Your Dog

Earlier today my dog was freaking out because the mailman was coming, much like I do anytime I watch a sporting event and the ref has fucked my team, and there was just no calming him down. It’s something that happens literally every day and is quelled by a nice visit to the doggie park to gnaw on other doggies’ ears and chase tennis balls to his heart’s content.

There’s one thing that is painstakingly obvious any time you really get to watch a dog and their owner. They are the same person. The dog mirrors the personality of his owner. That’s the only way they can be compatible enough to coexist over a long period of time. Sure, owners give up pets for extraneous reasons and such, but a dog isn’t kept around for anything outside of company and affection.

So it was not to my surprise when I took my four-legged best friend to the dog park with its 100 X 50 steel surroundings encapsulating a mixture of blacktop and turf mountains. It’s no doggie heaven, but it’s a nice break from a row home with little space for even a small dog to get tons of exercise. I walked in with and only a couple other dogs were there. A dude with an sheep dog or something (I’m not great at identifying breeds), an annoying rottweiler with a shaggy-haired friend, a rescue dog who looked as malnourished as it’s owner, and two lesbians (or very un-hip hipsters) with a pitbull that liked to say hello in an unfriendly manner.

Dogs need toys when they are bored and if they don’t mesh well with their peers they either fight or completely ignore each other. My dog has a bitter of both from time to time so it’s never a certainty which he will manifest on a given day. So I began throwing the multi-colored ball around for his (and other dogs’) benefit. Only one of the dogs just kept taking the ball. That’s usually not a problem as long as mine is interested and chases. He usually doesn’t need to have it in his mouth. He just needs to be interested in doing so. But the two lady owners didn’t care that it was taking place. They just sat on the bench and looked disinterested.

It wasn’t until their dog kept running into me that it started to get annoying. My dog was tired and out of it but not happy that the pitbull was jumping up at me. By the time their dog nearly knocked me over I was ready to yell at the women, but they couldn’t be bothered. They were watching. They just didn’t care. Then their dog snapped at my hand. He didn’t draw blood, but that shouldn’t have been an option. The owner response was not there and they only got up to call for their dog (with many failed attempts) when they were ready to leave. I glared long and hard and thought about lighting them up with what they deserved. But on a nice, warm day when I just want to be nice and come home with a calm dog I let it go. People and their dogs suck.

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