Les Be Honest

Because everyone was wondering what people search for when they go on porn sites, Pornhub decided to release what terms people make commonly looked for. Apparently, about 3 quarters of the country searches for “lesbians”. Makes sense. As long as they are hot lesbians.

rolfkdrqf5pg21auxwsh (1)Middle America is interested in “step-Moms and step-sisters”. Either role play is popular or they like kids with extra limbs and slow faces. Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Ohio, and Kentucky all fall under that category. Oddly, West Virginia was omitted. Maybe it’s because they don’t need pretend sites for that.

Vermont, Nebraska, and Arkansas like “cartoons” for some reason. Wouldn’t want to be at one of their Otakon conventions. Ewww. And Rhode Island is all about some “milfs”, while Hawaii is not so surprisingly interested in “asians”.

pornhub-boobs-versus-butts-united-statesOther interesting stats that were pulled/pulled included what states preferred boobs over butts. Another look showed us just who lasts the longest (because that can be a reliable statistic unless the NSA really is watching EVERYTHING).

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