Dwell Well

A day ago, US News came out with their annual list of the Best 100 Cities to Live In and the insights are anywhere from understandable to maddening. The list comprises rankings based on transit system, education (for kids), and crime as well as cost of living and entertainment factor. So you’d think you’d see cities in the top 10 that you’d actually want to visit and not fear for your life, right?

With that in mind, I didn’t expect to see my current city of Baltimore anywhere near the top 50 (or even the top 100). It snuggly fit in at #67 and I’ll take it. Obvious recent negative news has built a national opinion that isn’t very accurate but is hard to argue currently. Apparently, it’s cool to live in the Midwest/Middle America. I really gotta check out Colorado for Colorado Springs (#5) and Denver (#1). Maybe it’s all that weed they’re smoking.

Amped up Austin is a fun time whether you’re an undergrad or a young professional.

As the #2 place to live, Austin, Texas makes perfect sense as a hub for music, culture, and crazy fucking college students. How bout Fayetteville, Arkanasas? Any “city” that is 483,000 people WITH the metro population isn’t really a city. But these aren’t my rankings and they can put any rinky-dink place at #3 they they want.

Scanning down this list, there’s some places that don’t seem to make tons of sense. Pittsburgh at #47 could actually be a little higher. It’s a pretty cool city (and I was born there). Phoenix is right behind it and for all the western-United States cities you’d think that would be a bit higher, too. Sorta surprised to see a place like Honolulu, Hawaii at #26. I’m sure there are Instagram-worthy pictures every day forever, but buying food from the mainland is probably terribly difficult unless you have a badass job. Doesn’t look like that great a place to live on Dog: The Bounty Hunter.

Cincy before the day begins.

While cities like Columbus and Cincinnati deserve to be towards the top of such a list (as they are relatively trendy/pretty places to live), seeing Toledo and Youngstown nearly back to back at #75 and #77 (sandwiching Virginia Beach- which is a insult) makes it more believable that Baltimore was so high on the list. Yikes. Talk about places I NEVER want to live.

Then, somehow, out of the depths of the list we see some truly BIG CITIES. At #82 is Philadelphia, followed directly by Los Angeles, and then Las Vegas at #85. What a crock! The one week you live in Vegas is worth more than the year you live in Denver. HA! I mock you. Then Chicago at 91, New Orleans at 91, Miami at 93, and New York City at 96! It’s like they forgot about all the good cities and were like, “Bro, I’m tired as shit. Let’s just cap off this gnarly list and add these awesome cities to the end. Otherwise, it’s too much work, dude.” Idiots.

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