Infallible Observations Vol. III

Apparently Simon Gruber’s long lost Mexican brother was recently apprehended with $4.8 million dollars in gold bars that were stolen in a heist last year. The fact that armored cars or trucks or whatever was probably taken Fast and Furious style is a joke. I thought Apple Pay would solve all our problems. Guess someone still needs real money.

In the midst of yet another high school shooting, a separate incident saw a boy in Nashville get crazy before he even had a chance to go to school. This particular situation started because the 16-year old kid didn’t want to get out of bed to go to school. Instead, he shot his 67-year old grandmother (not that writing that makes 67 any older, cuz it’s really not) and his mother and his 2-year old little sister. Because that’s okay. Fucking spoiled millennials. Family members only suffered graze wounds at worst, but shit is a little over the top.

A recent student tour of Texas A & M for kids from a southwest Dallas high school brought about racial slurs while walking around campus. The students making the comments were white and not charged for the incident. Then again, not sure what they’d be charged on. Freedom of speech? Albeit, idiotic freedom of speech. Anyways, the social media reaction was out of control as you’d expect. One person going as far as to say that the kids touring should be offered full scholarships anywhere they want to go in the state. Yeah, that’s going to quell social and racial tension. Good idea.


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