It Must Be

Netflix just keeps cranking out these original series that are fucking awesome. The newest one that does not disappoint is Love. Two late-20s/early-30s people get out of shitty relationships and find each other. Pondering what life is bringing next, they just want someone to share it with.

Does this shit not speak to everyone? Seriously, minus the abused and used that will never want someone because of some bastard that completely fucked them for life, this is really a story for everyone. Two non-descript individuals that get taken advantage of by people that suck just because they want something in return. Is that so terrible?

A show created by Judd Apatow (among others) has the kind of sarcastic humor blended with debauchery that keeps you interested and makes you laugh and still remain nostalgic (or reflective). Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust (another show creator) speak to the generation of the hookup culture that have gotten stuck in shitty relationships with people going nowhere fast. Good people that want something honest get desperate and then can’t get free. Now you can take a real look at how a real relationship is built (with a little comedy on the side). And if you LOVE it then fear not, the second season is already commissioned to go.

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