75 Million Tears

What happened to Erin Andrews was terrible and it wasn’t cool that the old, fat, creepy dude took pictures and video of her naked through a peek hole. But does she really need that kind of money as a result “the struggle”? Punitive damages only go so far.

Apparently Andrews thinks that it’s affected her relationships so much that she can’t have an honest connection. Honestly? I think there are plenty of married porn stars out there. You’re just reaching a bit. If the number that she’s asking for was just to see how high Hilton Hotels would go, I get it. But in no way is this shit worth that much money.

On top of that, she already has money. What’s Erin gonna do with the extra 70 mill? Sail off to St. Bart’s and do nothing for the rest of her life? At this point, she probs can already do that anyways. If she really wanted to “get over” everything she would’ve been happy with Michael David Barrett going to jail. She should also be happy to be a white, attractive, career-minded individual with a future. Some people don’t have that much going for them.

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