If All Else Fails

If I see one more “celebrity” with a blog I’m going to fucking drive to Uptown Manhattan or LA or wherever the fuck they live and smack the shit out of them (or get a woman to do it for me-if a broad). Watch just about any reality show or look in the lame headlines on a boring day and you will find some grandstanding asshole who thinks they are a writer and people will listen.

Sadly, they will get some looks and their name will lead to endorsements and paid ads that make legitimate sites look fuckng stupid. It’s really not much different for other various sites that sit around and spam the shit out of my copying and pasting information that they read on The Huffington Post or Buzzfeed.

Anyone can read Twitter or Facebook, dude. Original content is a little more difficult. Even more so, generating traffic based on merit and not bullshit is even more difficult. So watching Katie on Vanderpump Rules have some lame launch party for her blog that she posts on once every 3 months or that annoying blonde bitch that I can’t remember on that Rich Kids show having the same thing, is something that makes me want to punch myself in the dick.

Moreover, Eva Amurri with her pathetic attempt at outing a nanny for sending a sext to her shrimp of a husband is hardly salacious or scandalous. Do yourself a favor B-List celebs, sit back and make money off of your lack of talent or famous parents and don’t make the same mistake that these zeros have done.

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