Free At Last

Life happens so quickly. Did anyone else remember wanting responsibility? And then you wanted to be free and doing shit on your own. So you got your way and shit was never the same. Now you’re stuck dealing with the remnants of your ballsy decision.

If you were told that bills would include insurance for shit that you don’t really need and that it wasn’t an option, you probably wouldn’t have signed up to be an adult. It’s the main reason people started to take longer in college and go to graduate school. No one really needs that extra piece of paper.

Then you want to live on your own and it can’t be in some shitty little town that you know everyone. And you’ve already dated all the girls so there’s really nowhere to go but down. So what happens? You move to a big city with prices that you can’t afford and just one more big amount of money that’s gonna make your bank account disgustingly bare.

Then you realize you’re awesome. And shit will always be tough but who the fuck cares? Too many people are stuck worrying about life while everyone else is enjoying it. All this adulting and you can’t even enjoy being young. Fuck that.

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