Wrist Slap

How is this even a question? Do I think he’s a dick? Yes I do. Do I dislike Duke in general? Yes, yes I do. But this isn’t even up for debate whether the guy did this shit on purpose FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS SEASON. Because it’s Duke, they will get a slap on the wrist. Some might say it’s because he’s white. But that’s a little far-fetched.

When the refs don’t make a call in-game because they can’t see what’s happening and make an judgements on intention then I see why no foul or tech was called. But when the ACC goes back to the play AFTER the fact and STILL doesn’t issue any actual punishment, that’s when I have a problem. Instead of giving this kid a free pass every time he should finally face some consequences. Or do I need to remind you of the Duke lacrosse players?

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