Best of An Era?

As Stephen Curry follows one impressive night after the next many stars of today and tomorrow sound off and give praise. After one MVP season is there any doubt there will be another? A season ago there was doubt as to who was the best player in the NBA and thus the MVP season by Curry was bestowed upon him with the asterisk of being his team’s best player (rather than the league’s best player).

And while guys that deserve that praise like LeBron James and Kevin Durant (but really just LeBron) tell you how unprecedented Curry’s accomplishments have been, there still seems to be some doubt as to who the best player in the world is. This title encompasses every aspect of the game of basketball. It’s not just shooting or scoring. Even while Steph continues to work and improve on his defense, the well-roundedness isn’t quite there yet.

In the same way that the NFL has been a pass-heavy league and Dan Marino’s numbers quickly became pedestrian (even though it’s completely arguable that his numbers were more impressive because of the state of the game), Stephen Curry has become a monster and the most efficient offensive player in the history of the NBA. Isn’t it possible that he’s a product of the evolution of the game? Yes, he’s the best in this kind of league. There’s no question about that. A lot of that is helped by the Warriors’ above average team defense and the play of Draymond Green (among others).

So when we hear about guys like Oscar Robertson saying that Curry isn’t amazing at everything, it’s something worth discussing. Coming from a guy that literally did it all, it’s tough to tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But a lot of the old timers aren’t in love with the 3-ball. They didn’t get to play with it so they don’t really understand its purpose.

And then there’s that other guy that is singing Steph’s praises. LeBron. He’s a different kind of player. He’s not going to beat you with the 3. But he will do everything possible to win a game. And he’s got the physical makeup that few players can match.

Perhaps Curry is the best of this particular run of play. Maybe he still has more to go in his evolution as a player. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, media outlets will sensationalize any bit of news they get their hands on. So I guess it’s all Steph all the time.

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