That Guy: Who Never Calls Back

Relating to the female is not one of my strong suits despite my love for romcoms and boy bands. But if you don’t see a bit of yourself in this guy then you’re either really nice (and walked all over) or not giving yourself enough credit. This is a nod to the dude that just doesn’t get back (and the girls, too).

So you have a great time on your first date. The second one is set up and you go to a nice restaurant. You drink a semi-expensive bottle of wine. And then you go out to a trendy bar and even meet some of his friends. Public displays of affection just happen and next thing you know you’ve gotten to know each other in the biblical sense. And then comes the awkward moment where you try to determine whether it’s okay for postcoital interactions or its in your best interests’ to get the fuck out while you still have time.

Then the next day, whether you have brunch and kick it for a bit or are at home safe and sound, you think about how well date #2 went. Then you start to think about how you actually want to hear from the guy again. Then a day or two passes (some girls are cool enough for that number to be higher, but let’s be honest) and you hope he calls again to have another date. And then SILENCE.

Dude totally ghosts on you. He might’ve blocked and defriended on social media. He hasn’t texted back to a simple greeting and you’re starting to care whether it ever happens. Maybe he eventually gets back and is just not interested or wasn’t ready to make a commitment. But for the most part, you just never hear from the kid again.

Now let’s be clear here, this isn’t something guys just do. But when guys do it, it’s because they’re dicks. When girls do it, it’s because the dudes are clingy and/or cray-cray. Double standard? That’s not untrue. But this guy is just stuck in high school or the first couple years of college. And for us bros, it’s the guy that either makes us look like a saint or the dude that totally ruins our game for the night. Don’t be that guy.

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