Sleep Tight. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite.

It’s a saying. If you haven’t heard it and you don’t live under a rock then just keep reading anyways. Kyrie Irving had flu-like symptoms a few nights ago due to bed bugs that bit him the night earlier at the Oklahoma City Hilton. It’s where all the NBA teams stay when they play the home Thunder.

Irving was apparently in an isolated portion of the hotel that was cleaned up by exterminators. And while Kyrie Irving is not Michael Jordan, you’d think he’d have some kind of balls to stay in the game. Sure, it wasn’t a playoff game and he’s not the LeBron James of his team, LeBron James is. Still, when you hear a young kid making millions of dollars to play a game complaining about bed bugs and having to sleep on a couch for one night it makes you wonder how spoiled the dude is.

How about you think of all the people that don’t have a place to sleep? Or all the people in Flint, Michigan that are losing their hair and other unfortunate stuff because they don’t have safe water to drink? But your back was tight and you got a bed bug! Poor baby, maybe the complimentary rooms that you likely will receive for life from Hilton will make up for the hardships of being young, rich, and famous.

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