Locked Up

At around 716 people per 100,000, the United States houses somewhere near 22% of the world’s prisoners while only maintaining 4.4% of the overall population. So maybe it will help that President Obama is doing his best to get Guantanamo Bay closed. Or maybe they will just send everyone to Alcatraz or one of the “super-secret” jails in middle America.

Either way, Harold and Kumar won’t have to go back any time soon. It’s probably the sketchiest thing that America knows about. Then again, you could probably find out a few new things on America’s Book of Secrets. Apparently it costs somewhere between $290 and $475 million bucks to move the proposed 30 to 60 dudes from Guantanamo Bay. I’m not going to suggest that killing these guys is a realistic option. But a country in debt sure could use the money.

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