This Really is Unsinkable

Just so you aren’t confused, this isn’t the same ship that hit the iceberg. Also, the original Titanic would be dwarfed by most luxury cruise liners on the sea currently. But because this is America and we have the best and biggest of everything. This ship won’t be any different.

You will have to wait till 2018, but when you do it will be worth it. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer got it approved back in 2012 to get this running. Hopefully it isn’t delayed any longer, provided Palmer doesn’t have “financial troubles” again.

While the bigger version of the Titanic is supposed to be a replica it would be nice if everything was updated as far as technology. Could you imagine a cruise without TVs? There better be hot girls and tons of booze. If the beds are as shitty or metal as they were from several years ago there might be a problem too. And don’t get me wrong, I like to let loose and do some dancing. But if you lock me downstairs while people are doing Irish jigs I’m gonna shoot myself.

So we realize that it’s an Australian building a ship in China and that’s why it’s departing from China. But why is it’s destination the Middle East? Are they going to show up to a port that’s getting shot up by some rebels? Does that sound like a nice idea to you? I’d probably rather be on the original Titanic than that. Everything is speculative at this point only because plans continue to be delayed. Let’s hope if the ship does get going it won’t get in another accident.

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