Reasons to Use Lyft Next Time

Six more reasons not use Uber and get in a car with Jason Dalton. Shit is real creepy and sort of surprising it doesn’t happen more often. I don’t want to see statistics on how many rapes occur via Uber drivers, but I know that shit happens with taxi drivers.

As if white people needed another crazy dude running around killing people in cars and shooting people at random to give us a bad name. No fun. Much less a dude that killed four older ladies. Dalton will get what is coming to him in jail if he makes it that far. Dude is seriously unhinged and probably has some kind of insanity defense coming up.

Uber says that the background check they didn’t bring anything up and they had no real reason to assume that he’d have an issue or problem. But unless he just had a psychotic break and had some unreal road rage this shit had to have been planned. Next time you need a ride do yourself a favor and call Lyft.

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