So Beat

How is it that a term once used to describe why a chick has an ugly face became a term used by chicks to say when they look hot. Beat isn’t even all that politically correct in this hyper-sensitive time. So why would women be like “I look so beat right now”. Whoever is dating Greg Hardy will never be able to use this term.

Is it not in bad taste for women to use a word that sounds like they are glorifying and/or poking fun of domestic violence? Bet you didn’t think I could turn that one around, huh? Naturally, I learn all about the new lingo from Real Housewives of Atlanta (not to be confused with Real Housewives of Potomac – because Potomac isn’t the whitest area ever. so that’s weird).

But really, even though it takes you women a really fucking long to put shit on your face when guys like me woke up like this, there’s no way you are beating your face or whatever the term is supposed to imply. Perhaps the people popularizing various terms in the English lexicon should spend more than like 5 seconds thinking of the next big thing. Maybe your ideas wouldn’t be so beat.

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