Love the Curves: Hip Hop Culture and Feminism

This topic is about as one-sided as Making A Murderer. There’s always two sides to an argument and sometimes you are just going to have to agree to disagree. But what I am about to show you might have you looking at things differently. Self-love and the female body, along with the rise feminism, is directly correlated to hip hop culture and the positive reinforcement video vixens and other female figures have cultivated.

In no way is there not a nod to sexist and misogynist perspectives under the pussy, money, weed-esque mantra. And hip hop is notorious for having a long-standing emphasis on pushing various labels and brands in a braggadocio manner.  But hip hop is pop. Again, hip hop is pop. Pop is only what’s popular. Sure, Taylor Swift has become Top 40 and is a prime example of a “pop star”. Many, if not all, genres fit under that topic. And that’s why pop is so universal.

A good 10 years ago hip hop singles made up around 10% of the Billboard Top 100. The most recent edition of that list had closer to 30% (depending on whether you classify R & B in the same category). So it’s safe to say that rap is more prevalent in the bigger picture. And what’s at the forefront of every music video or rapper entourage? Women. Not stick-thin, form-fitting, Barbie dolls straight off the runway, but thick-thigh, big booty, love-handled women with curves.

894552a90536676c6c098f9d474d409bMore cushion for the pushin’ was what dudes referred to when hooking up with an overweight girl. But that’s literally one of the main reasons guys like thick/curvy women, You don’t want to grab a women’s waist and feel like you’re about to snap her in two. Nothing about the scenario makes me enjoy any situation anymore.

There was once a time where men felt various societal pressures to date women of certain types. You know, petite, athletic, in-shape, and pretty.  That was right around the time where boobs were the implant you wanted and tiny waists were matched by tiny (but tight/firm) asses. And it couldn’t be much more ass-backwards (pun intended).

But with all the negative connatations that come with being a sex symbol, things like being a role model of a positive kind have also slowly morphed into acceptance. The more you see famous people with thick girls, the more you see no-name dudes with thick girls.

ef099dd26bff50b2d3a69c04f7b5600cAnother obvious contributing factor to self-love has been that more women have curves. It’s not just black women that have big butts. Maybe white people went one crazy diet too far and unknowingly started injecting themselves with hormones that got bodies with some padding. That is the reason more children of all races have hit puberty at earlier ages that regular.

Whatever the main reason, positive body image and confidence has grown for an even larger portion of females. Along with that also follows female empowerment and millions of other platforms that benefit gender equality and fair treatment to women in all kinds of workplaces. While the term plus-size still carries negative connatations, it’s more generally accepted as a proper term. As long as women feel sexy and confident and aren’t unhealthy then it shouldn’t matter what size or shape you are.

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