Egocentric and Loving It

Leave it to Kanye West to make a song only 45 seconds long that pisses just enough people off to make millions of mashups and parodies to last a lifetime. How can someone be so self-centered? Well, being married to Kim Kardashian helps. And so can being the most talked about person on the planet.

But if there’s one thing “The Life of Pablo” makes us realize, it’s that no matter how much this guy sucks in his actual life we can’t hate his music the way we want. And that’s true for various artists as well as athletes and various entertainers. What people stand for outside their craft isn’t always representative of their music. And sometimes it’s tough to separate the two.

“I Love Kanye” is that song. It’s everything that makes you cringe each time you hear the words “Kanye” and “Twitter” in the same sentence. The PR team for this guy would be billionaires if they were making a grand off each strategically-deleted tweet the rap star sent out. Fortunately for you, you’re allowed to hate Kanye. But it’s awfully tough to hate his music.

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