Why Stop Now?

As the next big transfer window in Europe approaches there will be tons of talk about the stars of FC Barcelona. The unprecedented trio of Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Luis Suarez has been virtually unstoppable. Even a star-studded Real Madrid team looks like a middle of the road La Liga team by comparison.

So when the couple hundred-million figures come to the table for Messi and Neymar (and maybe Suarez), Barcelona needs to think long and hard about what they can afford as well as what they stand to lose. Messi doesn’t want to go anywhere. But every figure being tossed around is real and maybe even a little low based on the flashy forward’s popularity. His only realistic destination would be somewhere in England (maybe Man City).

A more likely guy to be on the move is Neymar, who has been the best player in the world not named Messi and Ronaldo. And that’s a tough thing to do when you’re on a team with two other high-volume players. But Neymar’s dad apparently has taken some payments for his son’s services and the payoff might just be too big to pass up.

Going forward, the answers may be found in what the club’s direction is and how they feel about their opportunities with an aging defense and midfield. Given the right mix of talent, this club could continue at its pace (albeit, losing a little more often) with this group for a handful more years. But the time will be up sooner or later and Barcelona will want to come out ahead one way or another. Who knows, maybe the LA Galaxy will be pay 50 million for a 40-year-old Messi.

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