Going Out On Top

Peyton Manning is dealing with the wrong things that you’d expect from someone who’s just come off a Super Bowl title in likely their last game as a pro. Instead, he’s got a long list of accusers looking to stick him (and the University of Tennessee) with Title IX charges dating back to his college days.

Getting justice is totally reasonable, but why has it taken so long? Is it some kind of cathartic “You took everything from me, so I’m going to take everything from you” power move? Because this seems very well timed.

And what does this do to the guy’s legacy? It’s not like he’s Kobe Bryant and this is coming towards the beginning of his career. People are all over Kobe’s dick right now and not in the way it was back in Colorado so many years ago. No one is talking about his transgressions, just what he has done to change himself.

So Peyton Manning will instead deal with this forever whether it’s true or not. He’s the guy that won a Super Bowl and then was called out for sexual harassment (among other things). So much for going out on top.

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