Morally Incompetent

The code of ethics for car salesmen must be that there is no code. Also, getting taken in times of need must be their calling card. Dudes just love preying on the vulnerable. For example, I got a 2-year warranty on a car that was already priced high and it literally has done me no good. Here’s 5 grand for nothing!

What happened to the good old days when you could get your car jumped fo (no typo) free? Now it’s 50 bucks and a tow cost too. There’s literally nothing that I’m gonna get outta this deal. But when will shit hit the fan? When my warranty is up, that’s when.

Meanwhile, I will live off of CVS and Subway while I live for the days that I can actually drive to grocery store and take care of myself again. Being stubborn is obviously my best attribute. Can’t you see? Kidding. Sort of.

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