Blame the Government

If there’s ever a problem with your life, just blame someone else. Seriously, a dude in Texas recently got “apprehended” by 7 U.S. Marshals for an unpaid student loan debt. Paul Aker owed $1500 bucks.

You might say it was unnecessary to be taken into custody in this manner. You wouldn’t be wrong. But if it takes you 29 years to pay off that kind of debt, who knows how long it would take this dude to buy a house (assuming his credit even allows that much).

Really though, the United States government definitely need a check on protocol but it’s not like he didn’t sign a little piece of paper saying that he’d face penalties if he didn’t pay (and that’s usually after a few months. Get back to me when something happens to someone that was just walking along the street (though that will be like 10 minutes from now).

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