How’s This Relevant?

In a world where all we care about is making headlines and finding connections to what people are in tune with, a popular TV series has taken this to a new extreme. The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story has found a way to take a really well-known case and make it about shit that doesn’t matter.

It’s like Kanye West tweeting about Mark Zuckerberg for no reason just to sell albums, this show is also unnecessarily putting the Kardashians into the spotlight. Okay, so Robert Kardashian was a best friend of OJ, but his kids had nothing to do with the case.

Yet, we have seen them speak or referred to (and given actual actors with credits) in each of the first two episodes. Do you think this would be the case if they weren’t really/fame-whores? You can bet they’re getting paid for their likenesses being used. I’d be fucking up the Kardashians right now if I were OJ’s kids (assuming they haven’t used their father’s fame for money whilst doing absolutely nothing).

Taking a famous and important moment in American history and making it about something it isn’t really takes about from what this made for TV docu-series is about. Anyways, does Cuba Gooding Jr. look like every other black man ever or what? I don’t think Radio looks like anything like Juice.

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