Emptying the Bank

Barack wants to give 1.8 billion dollars to fight Zika. While this is a mild threat that literally no one knows about aside from the hundreds or so cases in the United States, it’s worth looking into. However, I’m not quite sure it’s worth this kind of money.

For all the endless talk of money that we don’t have as a country is there any question as to why this amount of money needs to be allocated? If there’s a chance that we could see a real-life version of Outbreak then I’m down. But something tells me that’s just not the case.

Perhaps Obama is worried about his legacy. I’m not sure he should be too worried if the two potential candidates end up in the running. And honestly, old Barack Osama (typo or no) has been pretty good for America and as per usual, he will probably prove to have been a pretty effective president. Just not sure about all these Benjamins.

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