Spring Football

Any time you hear those words you immediately think college football and the chance to see new recruits get on campus early, younger players step out of the their redshirt seasons, as well as the former backups potentially stepping into starting roles. But for a moment I’d like you to consider a more meaningful sport that combines the hard-hitting high-flying aspects of football along with the excitement and up-and-down athleticism of basketball.

College lacrosse is what basketball purists would love (because they hate the NBA). There’s a pro league but it’s not the end-all for most players. A lot of these guys go into sales jobs or big firm-type jobs that they use their personalities and considerable connections to make big bucks in the after-life.

So as fall-ball ends and the real Spring season comes into play, the national powers of college lacrosse step to the forefront before the MLB gets into Spring training and talk of the NFL Draft gets really heavy. If ESPN is good for anything, it’s their coverage of college lacrosse. Get after it.

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