Annoyingly Catchy

If you read my previous post Rap For White People some time ago (maybe a year or two), you’d remember that white people are oddly fixated on the music of one Flo Rida. And every time that stupid Pizza Hut commercial comes on I can’t help but find myself singing it internally. Why God, why?

It’s just so terrible you can’t not listen. Then on top of that, you hear it over and over again and it just never goes away. I hope I never see another pair of applebottom jeans and boots with the fur. I hope I’m doing something fun the next time I’m on an elevator or the next time I’m whistling.

Ya see? There’s always something you’re doing that makes you think it’s necessary to enjoy Flo’s songs. And there really is no reason. I mean, any time a rapper sings in a song (autotune or not) the song will suck or not be as good as you’d like.

Does anyone remember the song Nelly did with Tim McGraw? Kanye West had the only good song with “Heartless” but he fucked himself with later singles from his most recent album. And then there was Lil Wayne’s “How to Love“. Oh. My. God. What a piece of shit song. Dude hasn’t been the same since.

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