Tom Is Your Friend

That fucking weird guy from Blue’s Clues (or the one bearing his likeness) wants to be your friend again. Yes, that’s right. MySpace is attempting a comeback.

It was back in 2011 that Justin Timberlake bought the fledgling company (which is funny because he played Sean Parker in The Social Network and basically bought Facebook) only to gut it soon thereafter. After a few aggressive marketing initiatives they are back at it again looking for a comeback. By sending former members old photos from their database, MySpace hopes to regain its members.

But it might be tough because those people would still have to use those email addresses. I had a Hotmail login back at that point in time and most certainly wouldn’t remeber the password even if it were active.

And even if they were to overcome Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among others), what about all the people that weren’t even ALIVE when MySpace was around? Those really are the demographic that needs to be catered to. Perhaps they will attempt to get back into the indie music scene. That was really what thrived the most in this particular platform. But the question is; do you want to be friends with Tom?

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