Till the End of Time

A woman in Alaska of all places posted to social media a picture of a McDonald’s happy meal (which you can see above). Why she chose to wait 6 years, we don’t know. Why a chiropractor would save this and not a dietitian or pediatrician also is weird. But there’s one thing that we can conclude from this little experiment: your junk food will never go bad!

Now you can buy as much cheap food that will clog your arteries and it will last long enough that you will eat eventually, right? You think you just lost millions for the fast food giant, but no, you just made BILLIONS because the people that can’t afford healthy food will now only buy the other stuff.

Whoever agreed to such a stupid idea was probably on the same ship with those Discovery Channel people pushing all those shows in Alaska. What lasts longer, a twinkie or a McNugget?

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