Coming Up Short

You know the Super Bowl halftime show is a bust when Beyonce performs and people are still pissed. This time might have a little more to do with the political statements made than the performance. But then again, the performance sorta sucked too.

No one here is hating. We love us some Beyonce. She looked pretty good on stage and stuff. But the song she did wasn’t great, nor was it really good for a mass audience (or at least the subject matter). And yet, who meshes well with Coldplay?

Not Bruno Mars. And not that annoying fucking song. “Uptown Funk” was old as shit like 2 years ago when it initially came out. Why do you need to remind us? And I love Bruno. And he apparently loves the spotlight. Dude totally tried elbowing his way into the picture towards the end.

But really, you’d think the NFL would come up with something special. Instead, they came up real short. Hell, Katy Perry was able to keep some shit secret last year. It sucked, but we were surprised with what level of suckage.

Next time come at us with a smorgasbord of celebrities. Bring out Oprah and Madonna, and Elton John and Obama and probably a Tupac hologram and a bunch of other fucking random things that would wow people because otherwise this overactive in the know society will be one step ahead.

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