The Infallible 2015 NFL Season In Review

Another long season, another surprise champion, and ton of memorable moments. After watch that Super Bowl 50 game I really hope those two teams either get better on offense or just don’t make it that far again. Wow, was that boring!

We saw a Denver defense completely overpower Cam Newton and the Panthers. Every time it seemed as though Carolina was about to put the ball in the endzone (outside of the one time it actually did), something went wrong. There was the nonreversal on a downfield catch that stunted a drive. There was all those QB knockdowns, and then there were all those turnovers.

This game was dominated by Denver’s defense. If Brock Osweiler were in the game, the end result would have been the same. Demauryius Thomas was irrelevant and there was no rhythm for either team.

But Carolina also hurt themselves with costly penalties and drops on passes that were catchable balls. There were too many opportunities available that perhaps a better team may have taken advantage of.

With lots of offense and defense when it mattered, we will see just about everyone except the Cleveland Browns go into next season with a realistic chance to make the playoffs. Close games ruled all and last second wins were almost expected from week to week.

Regardless of who comes and who goes, the next season will be just as fun. In fact, it’s already begun. If you’re a true football fan, you’re already think about the NFL Draft. Here’s to 365 days of football!

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