Shame and Fame

How many popular, famous, or somewhat-relevant people can you think of that have careers based on the fact that they at life? Twitter and Instagram followers alike, anyone that is a fame whore gets love for way too long. But the people that find some way to twist their “star” into more than just 15 seconds is excessive.

Without calling anyone out in particular, because there are too many, let’s just think about some of the things people have done to produce their current career. There’s girls that wrote ridiculous letters to sorority members. There’s people with sex tapes. There’s people that were in contests to stay in a house and get paid to get drunk and act like sluts in public.

There’s just no reason why any of these people should have money to build a life due to the lack of talent they possess. So how a life on a reality show lead to fashion lines and various products with their namesake being branded? All you need is a little opening.

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