Bodymore or Media Pawn?

Unless you live under a rock and are purposely trying to stay as ill-informed as humanly possible, then it’s likely that you’ve been well informed of the events in the last year that have taken place in the city of Baltimore. Last year was a city-record for homicides and things don’t seem to be on a positive trajectory. Yet, is it as bad as it seems or does the media exaggerate more than a little?

Just this past weekend a triple-shooting took place in the busy area of Fells Point in Baltimore City. It’s not an area where shootings typically take place, but what area really is (other than the obvious)? It’s as though the typical crime is boosted through the national and regional media and the real news has taken a back seat.

The national image of Baltimore will take a bit of time to reconstruct. But for now, there’s just too many things to love about the city to just focus on the negativity. There’s not a city or town in this country that doesn’t have unfortunate events taking place weekly, it’s just up to those reporting that news to decide how much attention it gets.

In my few years living here, I’ve taken great pride in my surroundings and while nowhere near perfect, the assumption of quality of living and beyond is just so unrealistic it’s obnoxious. Unless you walk around with a mega phone and unkind words, there’s little reason to get hassled. If you go to the right places and are smart about when you’re out there’s no reason you can’t be safe.

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