Hip Hop Ammunition

For as atypical as Drake’s career has been thus far, it’s amazing how he’s been able to continue to rap about having sex with woman, driving fancy cars, and making money and not run out of things to say. It seems as though rappers find new ways to think of new subject matter outside of just sitting down and webbing things out. Is it possible that a lot of the legal issues we see are conspiracies?

I mean, do these rappers trump up ways to get arrested or shot or in hot water with spouses and girlfriends and all that? It’s probably not as likely, but when you hear about different guys getting shot and miraculously surviving it seems a bit played out right?

Who hasn’t survived a shooting? Pretty much everyone has been present during something crazy. And we aren’t talking about what environment you grow up on. No, this is the shit that happens after the fame. Somehow the bad things still follow them. Rapper Bugatti got shot in a Houston strip club last night. I hadn’t heard that name for a minute. And guys like Lil’ Wayne and T.I. (who both seem like such normal dudes) both spent extended periods in jail in the past couple years.

50cent50 Cent survived like 6 bullet wounds and eventually inspired (or self-inspired) his life biopic Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Even Kanye West had to go through an ordeal to cram out “Through the Wire”. There will always be a reason for creative and talented guys to make music, but how far do they really go to make shit compelling?

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