Dead and Stuck

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those cars left on the side of the road? Do they go to chop shops? Or do they go to junk yards? Or how about the state programs to fund the deaf and blind schools? And what’s the point of leaving a marker in your window if you don’t come back to reclaim it?

Probably could build a half decent car out of the shit that’s left on the side of the road every day. While driving to work on one of the busiest and most dangerous stretches of highway in the country (between Baltimore and DC), I see at least between 5 and 10 different stranded cars hanging out with no owner in sight. Sometimes when there’s cops nearby it makes some sense (dude ditched the vehicle to escape on foot). But why assume anyone is good these days and won’t jack your shit?

If you’re getting a tow then you’re likely waiting for it whether you have the money or not. If you’re getting gas then you’re not leaving a flag to call attention and you’re not likely not the asshole that waited until the last possible second to do something about it. But what does happen to all these cars? I’m not answering that question right now. I’m going to leave that to you to answer for me.

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