Infallible Observations Vol. II

As if Virginia Tech (or the State of Virginia’s Public Universities for that matter) needed something ridiculous and fucked up to happen ever again, two freshmen kids decided to murder a 13-year old girl for reasons unknown. The male killed the little girl and had a female friend help him dispose of the body. They apparently all lived in the same housing development and the little girl and older boy were friends somehow. How many murders has that school had the last few years? Not that Blacksburg, VA is a desirable place to go to college in the first place.

There’s a guy on the loose in NYC slashing victims left and right on subways. Not surprising that someone can get away with something like this, just surprised it keeps happening. Then again, how could any single girl (or anyone for that matter) feel comfortable riding the train late at night/early morning?

And in other news, kids keep sexually assaulting each other on buses and in hotels during sports events. Why kids as young as 12 are on a team with an 18-year old? I don’t know. Why they think they weren’t going to get caught? No idea. But how the fuck does this happen with coaches on the bus? I’ve coached high school athletics and by myself with 20 kids on a bus nothing like that has ever happened. No way these teachers didn’t have a clue.

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