One Last Headline

Johnny Manziel is in the news again and it’s not good. Johnny Football is being investigated for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley. How serious is it? Is Crowley just looking for someone to make a difference in the kid before he’s completely gone? That much isn’t clear just yet.

But this doesn’t seem to be worth it anymore. Manziel has messed up enough times in his first two years that giving him ample opportunities to make it worse and drag others into it is not advised. Instead of giving him another chance the NFL should give him what he deserves, a chance to get better as a person on his own without any responsibilities but taking care of his health.

In the event he is given another chance let’s quell all suspicion that any “race card” can be played. Most recently, and for a confounded domestic violence incident, Greg Hardy, managed to get paid and was back playing regularly this year. Somewhere on an Oklahoma backround Justin Blackmon is driving drunk and still under contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Pac-Man Jones is back and playing better (but still iffy on behavior) after being addicted to strip clubs. And then there’s Aldon Smith, who made a bomb threat at LAX among other crazy incidents and had a full year of football with Oakland. We can obviously find other examples from further back, but the point should be made.

Let Johnny take a break. Don’t pay him for getting sober. And then if he actually follows the rules and is better (and even slightly mature) in a year OR TWO, then maybe give him another chance.

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