Forever Home

Whether you’re living single or already have a little family going, having a pet to come home to isn’t the worst thing in the world and it might be the best. And do you want to know the best place to find those pets?

Craigslist. I know it sounds crazy. But there’s no other place where you can find a cute, cuddly, studly, furry (didn’t know where I was going with that, did ya?) animal to take care of. Now I’m really just speaking on dogs. Cats are a dime a dozen and are given out on corners all around America. And snakes are snakes.

How could you deny that face? He ate my Armani sunglasses and I forgave him in under an hour.

Most dog shelters have re-homing fees of 250 at the minimum and that’s usually without the dog being fixed. All that stuff costs tons of money. Even when they are neutered you have to pay for a lot of the essentials when you pick up an animal from a shelter.

Craigslist has owners either trying to give away their pets because they don’t know what to do and have no options or owners that really do care about the dog and want them to be happy. So you usually get all the needed supplies to take care of the dog before you decide to drop tons of money on random outfits and such.

So say “f you” to breeders and shrug off those sappy ASPCA commercials and get ready to show up to a strange stranger’s house and check out some puppies.

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