Patch It Up

Why are there still dudes in the world that smoke? Do you know what that shit can do to your skin? And it’s one thing if you’re a cowboy on the range or shooting insurgents somewhere across the ocean, but does it really help pass the time in other situations?

The reason used to be that smoking made you “look cool” as if that’s really a thing. But, truth be told, why else would you do it? Cigars taste good. Hookah tastes good. Weed gets you high. And cigarettes make you smell, your teeth decay quicker, your lungs weaker, and the list goes on and on.

As you move further away from your college years it will become clear that there really was no reason to smoke cigs in the first place. You want kids? Better stop smoking. You want free money (because cigs are expensive as fuck)? Better stop smoking.

Next time you go outside the bar to take a smoke break check if any of the girls asking to bum a smoke aren’t underage or blackout drunk. Because odds are there won’t be many of them. And the ones there are just won’t be pretty.

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